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Rough Draft
LeBron James the Greatest of all time? LeBron James one of the most prolific NBA superstars the world has ever seen is being claimed to be the greatest off all time. From LeBron’s high light dunks or signature chase down blocks he has surpassed all of the greats that came before him. Statistically he has surpassed everybody including the one and only Michael Jordan in just about every static (scoring, rebounds, assists, steals, and blocks). Him wining the two NBA champion ships back to back and the heave role that he had in it was what silicified as him as the one of the greatest. His strive for greatness is unmatched “When the lights and cameras are not on you and its just you in a empty gym or weight room that’s what makes you great.” “Pure talent can only get you so far it’s the work you put in when nobodies around that make you standout”! LeBron has rewritten NBA history throughout his entire carrier by winning a total of 6 consecutive MVPS that has never. His most recent accomplishments have been him averaging approximately 28 points, 8 rebounds, and 7 assists while shooting better than 57% for the season, which is shell shocking. Throughout the 66 years that the NBA has been around a player has never averaged 25 points 10 rebounds and 7 assists in the NBA Finals until 2012 and 2013 when LeBron did it twice. Even though he just turn 28 years old he keeps on striving to get better last season he shot over 40% from 3’s which is 10% higher than any other year in his career and he plans on toping that next season “There’s always room for improvement and I am not going to stop working until I reached my full potential … I’m nowhere close to it!”. Although LeBron is a small forward nothing is small about him he stands 6’9 and weights 270. With that type of height and weight you would think he wouldn’t be mobile but yet he is a freak of nature he runs a 4.4 in the 40 yard dash and it only takes him 9 strides to get from baseline to baseline. His vertical jump is at least 44 inches, which allows him to literally jump over people, only a few players in the league can do. These attributes