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Navpreet K. Bassi
Rasmussen College
PATH: Professionalism/Attitude/Time Management/Hygiene

Author’s Note
This is my week # 4’s PATH Project written assignment fully called PATH: Professionalism / Attitude / Time Management / Hygiene for Clinical Skills 2 course for Prof. Mrs. Ferrell on Friday- January- 30th, - 2015 by Navpreet K. Bassi.

The most important thing that I always heard, kept in my mind, followed the steps for, and watch out for since being in the MA program at Rasmussen College Aurora, IL campus, was about PATH. What is PATH? PATH is the guidelines for all Medical Assistant Students and other working MAs that have to follow in order to be full on Medical Assistant. PATH is abbreviated and all the stand for something very important:
P: The P stands for – Professionalism
A: The A stands for – Attitude
T: The T stands for – Time Management
H: The H stands for – Hygiene
I am glad that there is something like PATH for us student Medical Assistant program and for Medical Assistant that are working already in the field to start get a hang into the PATH requirements. A Medical Assistant and Medical Assistant student needs to follow the steps for how to become and stay on the PATH’s requirement. How to become and stay professional at work, how to mange your different types of attitudes towards coworkers, doctors, patients, and other medical healthcare professional providers, learn easy ways to manage time in a busy work day, and how to be protected from germs and staying hygiene at home before and after work and at work during the entire day.
I need to improve my PATH project’s some of the things in each, P- Professionalism, A- Attitude, T- Time Management, and H- Hygiene (PATH). My improvement for the H in Hygiene is not needed for area of weakness because since I was a child, I didn’t liked it until I was not all clean head to toe and well dressed up, so no one can say to me that my hair is dirty, my clothes stink, and all of the other list of things come into the H for Hygiene. Ever since I have been working as FWS student at the front desk of Rasmussen College in Aurora, I did learn the rest of the three letters of PATH and how it is important in any kind of job and career. P for professionalism is very important to me; because I think that if I were not professional medical assistant, then I wouldn’t be consider eligible to work into that field. Professional etiquette is one of the most important factors contributing to a successful medical assistant.
My attitude will leave an impression of the type of person I am when I work in medical office as Medical Assistant. If I didn’t have a happy and positive attitude at work then the environment at my