Nebraska State Budget Essay

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Assignment 4.2

The State of Nebraska has a biennium budget that is set from 2013 all the way to 2015. Knowing what is in your budget and how to properly gauge what will be needed for the coming two years in each department is an important aspect to a successful budget. The person in charge of the budget for each department needs to know how to properly budget and respond to the needs of the state in the most fiscal way possible. A budget is only as good as the person who is running it. The Nebraska State budget is complex, but with the right amount of team work and dedication, it seems to run very smoothly.

Nebraska State Budget The Nebraska State budget is set on a biennium basis. Since this is the case the budget will
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The Legislature decides what funding for each of the appropriate areas that should be funded (Heineman, 2013). In regards to revenue generation the general funds category shows exactly how each item has been broken down. It has categories such as actual expenditures, appropriations, agency request, and the Governor’s recommendation. In order to be able to adequately see how much money is truly needed for each area the actual expenditure column will need to be used as a baseline to show how the money was spent for the previous year. Other items that have been brought to the table that may increase the overall amount of the budget will want to be considered as well. Without this, it will be much harder to determine where to start with the budget because it does not show a true measure of how much money is needed for the next two years. The actual expenditures will show those in the Legislature and the Governor how much money may be needed for an area and also let the public know that they are not just making up numbers. The Legislature and the Governor will be able to show what money was spent line for line to the public. This will create more trust in the communities public officials and show that they care about what they public thinks of how good of a job they are doing (Heineman, 2013). The appropriations column shows how much money is appropriated for the state for each category. Generally this amount