necessity of college education Essay

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Necessity of College Education

President Obama believes that education is important, because an article “Is a college degree necessary?” by Mike Rustigan states that “President Obama wants the United States to have the highest proportion of college graduates in the world.” Education is the foundation of an individual future. That is the philosophy that my parents live by and that is the philosophy that I applied. Without education, we are nothing more than a hollow shell looking at the impossible. Therefore, every student should go to college, because it allows them to see and expand the possibility of a bright future. The possibilities includes wealthier and healthier environment in future, gaining social skills beneficial in future career.
For most teenagers, the first thought that pop up in their mind is whether they should get a four-year college degree or not. The answer to this thought is yes because they should pursue higher education in order for them to live in wealthier and happier environment after they obtained the diploma. Usually, for those who only have high school diploma works as blue collar job. Blue collar workers are typically employed in lower rank in subordinate jobs. This working class often lives on wages unlike to college graduates where they subsist on salary. This working class normally consists of below average incomes. My Friend named John, who works at a construction company. He had told me that he does not like studying at all, so he started to work right after graduating high school. And now he tells me that he regrets for not aiming for college degree because he is still working for wages. He has seen many college graduates employed by his company and those degree holders are receiving more than he earns even though his career in the company is longer than them. He feels that he works harder than those college graduates who are working in clean and comfortable office while he is baring hot and cold weather depending on season. With these unequal environments mentioned, he said he does not want to be blue collar worker anymore and wishes to go back to school to get skills and diploma.
However, the cons of college education in Rustigan’s article states that U.S. would be experiencing severe shortage of blue collar workers eventually. Hence schools should offer more vocational training for students to build up hands-on skills who are willing to work as blue collar workers. It is also important fact that blue collar labors are essential for our everyday life. Who is going to fix the plumbing in the kitchen? Who is going to repair automobile that we use for going to work? Who is going to physically build our house? All the questions and concerns can only be resolved by blue collar workers. Rustigan quotes a phrase by “a retired plumber” who said “If you’ve got a trade, you’ve got it made.” Although, blue collar workers certainly contribute to the work force, there are chances that they would lose job or physically be unable to perform the jobs they trained. Those people should have an education to rely on otherwise they can easily go into financial crisis.
The blue collar jobs require and rely on tough physical labors in order for them to pay their bill. Auto mechanics, for instance, are heavily responsible for life of drivers or pedestrians because when the car has malfunction, they are expected to fix the problem so that the customer/driver will be able to drive safely preventing car crush or any other risk relating traffic. Delivering fully inspected and maintained cars to customer can be stressful and exhausting. There are numerous mechanic shops in small region, there is always a competition regarding pricing. Many customer would tried to bargain among the shops, and then the customer would choose the shop where charges less among other shops. By competing on pricing, the shops that let customer slipped away to other shop, would suffer financial problem. On the other hand, the shop