Necessity of Warfare Essay

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Jesse Sturm
Persuasive Essay

Necessity of Warfare “War is hell,” (Sherman, 2/7/2013) a more accurate assessment about the legal killing of others has never been stated. Nothing destroys a man’s very soul more than taking the life of another, many men and women who have had to kill, even to save their own lives, will tell that nothing can prepare one for that moment where lives hang in the balance and their hand is forced to steal the life from someone. Even with all the training that the men and woman of the armed forces go through still approximately three quarters of them will not aim to kill even in a situation where their own life is in danger, though most will say otherwise. Killing someone is not something done lightly, everything changes, guilt hits hard, regardless if it was necessary or not. That should be expected though; thousands of people will tell of going through the same thing, only sociopaths or those numbed by the repeated action feel no remorse. All the creatures of the earth abhor killing their own, else the species may die out, and humans are no different. Killing in the name of abstract concepts such as freedom, or righteousness does not sit well with the baser side of human nature. “It’s not about freedom, following orders, or any of the other bull that they tell you, it’s about the man in that hole beside you, protecting your friend whose gone through hell with you,” (Sturm, 12/23/2012) defense of others is often the common cause that forces the meek to rise, countries to war, and thousands die for. War is a part of our society that is scorned and disgusted, it is thought of as people senselessly murdering each other when other options exist; but it is necessary. People who cannot protect themselves need to be saved, it drives humanity to be stronger, faster, and smarter than they were before, and sadly it often occurs simply because nature drives fighting and killing.
Few people know how to defend themselves; it is not a skill that is common throughout the populace. So others must provide protection instead; for people are continuously looking to exploit that lack of defense. Unfortunately, that protection has a dire cost; billions have given their lives in defense of those who need it. Men and woman throughout the ages have happily paid the ultimate price just so someone else can continue living their life. Perhaps war seems obscene to some, and one cannot argue that it is not, but that is only when the war is without a purpose or the purpose is material. If the cause is just, such as fighting for those who can not or will not fight, then, as long as that noble purpose is not lost, the war is acceptable, even necessary. The entire Revolutionary War was fought for this very reason; England was being unjust and refusing change, so the men and women in the colonies did what was needed. Because of the actions of those brave people we now live in a nation of freedom and have helped to lead much of the world into freedom as well. Too few people have the will to sacrifice for the sake of others, but as long as someone is willing to lay their life down for someone a small hope exists that humanity can rise above its unfortunate, necessary barbarianism, to become a people united for a positive change. Until that day, however, men and women will be asked to kill and be killed in defense of the defenseless. Protecting something precious, such as life, is the ultimate commitment to make, and forces people to strive to be stronger, faster, and smarter than they currently are. New techniques to fight, make defenses, even to cultivate food have come about through the need to survive, anything from Mother Nature and all her fury to other humans who want what others have. New technologies and techniques started on the battlefield modified for everyday life, everything from nuclear power to simple forging. In the medieval age new techniques that were originally used to create stronger