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Boom Town USA Boom Town USA by Jack Schultz is a really good guide for people who have a passion for business work or even people who want to start a busniess. This book focus's on ways to start a buiness and how to start one. They give you seven and a half ways to success in even small towns. This book was a really big help to me too. I want go into buiness and this book helped me pick what type of buiness I want to go into and even what to do to help start a busniess. I think that every corperator productions should really this book and any CEO's out there should read this book also. And any students or college students who want to start going into busniess or are interested in this book should pick it up and read it. The best "key to success" that the author outlines to helping small towns thrive is "The first key, and probably the most important one, is for a community to adopt a can-do attitude. People need to realize that they can do some things to turn their community around if they work together and put their minds together. They can really find some things that will differentiate them and really make them an attractive place in which to live. All over the country, there are just wonderful stories of what people can do if they really set their mind to it." (27). I wouldn't change any of these keys to success because I think that all the seven and a half ways to success can really help someone out and get them to where they need to be. My best idea for my own "key" to success for small Midwestern towns is embracing the teeter totter. You need to balance out everything to have a good working business and enterpounership. If you only focus on one thing and not the other, you're not going to have a good working buiness at all and all your hard work will go down the drain because you're not balancing everything else out. The buiness, money, family, ideas, the corperate, everything like that needs to be balanced out correctly to have a