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Have a good relationship with your Boss If i am working at a big company, how can i make a good relationship with my boss? How can i let he knows me or my importance?Building relationships and establishing trust are key elements to success in any organization, especially for the first job.One of the most important relationships to build is the one with your manager.Often in the haste to get into the task at hand, learn the job and meet the other folks in the workplace we overlook this important career-launching step. This essay will show you some easy ways to increase your status in your boss's mind. When you get your first job you will working very hard in your jobs,because you should let others know you and appreciate you, so that you should have a good attitude about your job. For example, you need do very well in your job and use less time to finish your mission,you should have best idea to help each other, share your ideas and cooperative working.Moreover, you need focus on your job. Sometimes you will get a lot of work to do.Although you will get more stress and feel very tired that you want to give up, but you also need hang on and continue to finish your work,when you do a perfect job that you will get a lot of respect from your boss and workmate.The last important suggest about work is creative skill. For instance, every boss likes the employee who has the creative ideas and new plan to improve the working efficiency. Anyway, working hard is most important of building relationships with your manager. After working hard, the second imperative is have a good connection with your boss and try to know about what your boss thinking.1. Understand what his assets are.Get a sense for what your boss brings to the table and how you complement one another. Discuss your respective strengths. Know where you have overlap, and allow him to see where you bring strong points that could be helpful to him.2. Know his goals.Your job is making your boss wildly successful. Make it your mission to know his goals and how is his performance is measured. Key focus on the most important give he needs and expects from you in order to achieve those goals.3. Clarify how she wants to receive information.How does she want to get information from you? Does she want to know the bottom line up front, or does she want to check your work? Does she want it two weeks before the deadline or the day…