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Your Name: Lisbeth Smith
Instructor Name: Professor Robert Winters
Class/Section: CJ 100-01

Part II: To complete this portion of the Assignment, answer each of the questions below about your Customized Degree Plan. Answer each question in paragraph form. Your responses should be double-spaced, using 12 pt. Arial font, and Standard American English. Your answers will be based on your thoughts and, therefore, will not require outside citations. However, if you do cite outside references, you will have to provide the source information. In addition, your Assignment should demonstrate careful proofreading.

1. Why have you chosen the elective classes included in your degree plan?
I have choosen these classes not only because some are required for what I am majoring in but also because some interest me greatly. For example, class CJ316 – Investigating Cybercrime really caught my eye because there seems to be a lot of crimes happening on the internet or through texting. Some people believe that they can say whatever is needed to be said through a message and get away with it, but what if the nasty thing causes the recipient to harm themselves or others? Then they will be responsible for that!

2. What skills and knowledge do you expect to learn from these classes? I hope that by choosing these classes I not only can gain the knowledge I will need for my major but also provide me with additional information if I