Need to Know and Best Friend Megan Essay

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Erin Doris de Cesare
Frederick Miller
ENG 111, Sec. PI
9 September. 2013

It is the end. It is her last short breath leaving her pale lips. It is my heart pulling away from me and up through my throat and up into the sky with her life as It leaves me. My sister “Megan.” My best friend Megan. The blurry room. The smell of stale cigarettes. That needle, the accomplice. Her cold, soulless body in my arms. It is all too real. It is all too fast.
The first time I saw my future BFF, we were two-years old. Our parent’s had met at “Le Soir”, a local French restaurant just a few blocks up the road from my house. My mother, Barbara, had seen little Megan sitting in her stroller wearing a cotton white dress flooded with pink flowers, and being that she loved to dress me in floral print, she just had to find out where she could get the outfit for me. After asking Dawn, Meg’s mother, where she could find the dress, my parents came to find out that the family of three had just moved to our little town of Bayport, just one block from where we lived! After that day, we instantly became family. Our parents became the best of friends, and Megan and I became life-long sisters.
Megs and I were always one in the same. We each have light-blonde hair, with hazel eyes, and a rose beige skin tone. We dressed exactly the same, and would always be hand-in-hand. In kindergarten our teacher, Miss Lundoy, would mistake us all the time for one another. She’d call my name for something and then realize that she meant to call up Megan. We laughed about it all the time. We would tell people that we were twins and you bet they’d believe it!
When we got into our freshman year of high school, we weren’t at all nervous like most people. We were two fearless young girls, and oozed the kind of confidence that women twice our age wish they had. We weren’t cheerleader cool; we were above-it-all cool, like we just walked off the set of Degrassi High.
Megs and I would cut class and go out with some of the seniors to smoke weed and get Mountain Dew at the Taco Bell drive-thru. We hatched a detailed plan to run away from home and travel across the country on nothing but our wit and imagined grittiness. We were so excited to go out and explore the open world. But a few weeks later, my parents sat me down and gave me the news that we were moving due to my fathers’ new job right out of Knoxville, Tennessee. As soon as I heard the news, I didn’t know what to say. How could this be happening? The only life I’ve ever known has been here, in this great big and beautiful house full of memories. And now I’m being taken away? I got lost in my head for a minute, or so. And then a knock on the door had brought me back to reality. Megan. How am I going to tell Megan that our everyday lives, just being together is about to change? We’re the only friends each other has ever had. I opened the door, and instantly startled bawling. “Erin! What’s wrong?! Why are you crying?”
I managed to get the words “I’m moving” out through my uneasy voice. “What the hell are you talking about? Moving where?!” I told her how my dad got a new job in Tennessee, and that we’re leaving in two weeks. We both dropped to the floor, and just hugged each other and cried.
Two weeks went by faster than Secretariat ran the Belmont Stakes. Meg and I promised to talk to video chat every day and get jobs so we could make money for airfare in order to visit each other as much as possible. Right before I got into the car, we hugged each other for a while, and then she looked at me straight in the eye and said “Erin, don’t ever forget that we no matter what, we are each other’s soul mates. You will always be my best friend and sister, nothing can tear us apart, nothing.” We cried and I got in the car and drove off leaving my sister behind, not knowing that this move was about to take a huge toll on our friendship.
We kept our promises and stayed in touch every day. But after a year or so, she