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Needful Things Summary (Spoiler Warning Ma’am)

I enjoyed this book immensely in the past so I decided to re-read it as it is one of my very favorite stories by Steven King next to my very favorite “The Bachman Books” I believe that Steven King did the right thing by ending his town that has been used in so many books in such a way as this, it is much more subtle then many of his other books and is slightly slow moving but overall it is very entertaining and I would recommend it to any intermediate level reader.
A new shop named "Needful Things" opens in the town of Castle Rock, Maine, making the citizens curious as the town is very small. The proprietor, Leland Gaunt, is a charming elderly gentleman who always seems to have an item in stock that is perfectly suited to any customer who comes through his door. The prices are surprisingly low, considering the merchandise such as a rare Sandy Koufax baseball card, a carnival glass lampshade, and a fragment of wood believed to be from Noah's Ark but he expects each customer to also play a little prank on someone else in Castle Rock. Gaunt knows about the long-standing private grudges, arguments, and feuds between the various townspeople, and the pranks are his means of forcing them to escalate until the whole town is eventually caught up in madness and violence.
Sheriff Alan Pangborn becomes wary of Gaunt as soon as the shop opens. Gaunt eventually hires petty criminal John "Ace" Merrill as his assistant, providing him with high-quality cocaine and hinting at buried treasure that could relieve the debt he owes to a pair of drug dealers. Ace's first assignment is to retrieve crates of pistols, ammunition, and blasting caps from a garage in Boston. Gaunt soon begins to sell the pistols to his customers so they can protect their property. They become so paranoid about keeping their items safe that they eagerly buy up the weapons that he inevitably offers and trade away their souls. Ace begins to suspect the supernatural background of his new employer, but Gaunt keeps him in line through intimidation and promises of revenge against Alan and the town. With the violence in Castle Rock rapidly escalating, Ace and the town's head