Needles: Drug Addiction and Drug Awareness Classes Essay

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NEEDLES “Just say no,” that’s what they drill into your brain in those anti-drug classes in high school. These three simple words are considered to be your number one tool to keep on the straight and narrow. If it’s that simple to “Just say no” then why do drugs still play such a big part in everyday culture? What is it about drugs? In today’s world, you can’t really escape the blatant use of drug references within pop culture. Most hip-hop and rap songs that have been released in the past few months all reference the new drug trend, Molly, which for all purposes is ecstasy. Although most radio and television stations will bleep out any mention of the slang, but most are very aware of the reality of what is being said. The thing that surprises me the most is while people know what it is, they seem to completely forget the very real effect it can have. It’s like forgetting it’s a drug in it’s entirety; forgetting the most important part of all of those drug awareness classes. Drugs are bad. You shouldn’t do them. Isn’t that the one main point that is always driven back to home? The over glamorization of Molly, in particular, is giving people a rose-colored vision of reality. Seeing Miley Cyrus and her friends “dancing with Molly” in her recent music video and “doing whatever we want” gives off the impression that there are no consequences from doing the drug. You’re young; you’re just having fun, no harm no foul. Is that really the case? There are real life repercussions when you play Russian roulette with these drugs. Although some see the party life style to be very enticing, it’s never really been something I’m into. When you grow up with two drug addicted parents, and a cousin who has become severely handicapped because of an overdose of prescription pills, you see firsthand just exactly what can happen when that first fun night spins out of control and takes over your entire future. My brain has a burning memory of the everlasting chaos and destruction that not only engulfs the individual, but everyone around them. I guess that is really where my complete lack of interest in even being around people who involve themselves in the drug scene comes from. Watching my mother and father struggle with their personal demons in the form of a needle is something you just don’t forget. My mother was a beautiful woman. She was always thinking of other needs before hers, especially when it came to animals. Fresh out of a vet-tech program, her future was bright. All the opportunities were hers to grab. So then, why? Why would someone with so much promise, someone with an absolute love for life choose the drugs that would eventually take her life? My cousin’s situation was very different. She wasn’t even in her teens before she was hooked on pills. The poor girl never had a chance in hell to have the same bright future that my mother did. Was she even aware of the fact she could say no when she was offered Oxycontin at twelve years old? She overdosed on over seven different hardcore prescription pills when she was just fourteen years old.