Nefertiti Gamez Essay

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Nefertiti Gamez
Honors English 10
Narrative Story
Adrianna pushed the heavy thick wooden door open, her breathing grew quicker from moving the weight of the doors. She still couldn’t believe after nine years she will see him face to face, she was only seven when he went away and the thought of seeing him made her stop in her tracks. The shadows in the dimly lit hallway did help her in the courage department, but somehow she keeps walking until she reaches the threshold of the room he was in. Adrianna sees him and wants to cry but she holds in the tears that wanted to drop so badly.
She hugs her father as he greets her, “Hey baby I missed you.”
She replies in a shaky voice “I missed you too, Daddy”
They hugged and sat down, sitting on the cold hard chairs they talked. Adrianna sits thinking of something to say, what do you say to someone you haven’t seen in nine years. Finally he breaks the cold silence between them.
“So baby girl how have you been?”
Clearing her throat she says “I’m fine Daddy. I play varsity on the basketball team this year, I have honors classes at school.”
Happily he replies “I’m proud of you, baby that’s great.”
Adrianna smiles and asked her father how he’s been.
He replies “I’ve been okay, love but I hate being in here, I want to give you something. You may not understand why I’m giving you these things, but you will know why when the time is right baby.”
As she sat with a questioning look on her face she says, “Okay Daddy.”
A bell rang and snapped them out of their talk a guard came in yelling “TIMES UP! Say your last good-byes.”
They both get up she walks around to her father, tears began to fall she couldn’t help in they fall and she hugs her father tight.
In a shaky voice Adrianna says “See you later I Love You so much!”
He replies “I Love You Too, Baby Girl, remember what I told you okay?”
She replies “Okay Daddy Love You.”
They hug one last time Adrianna walks back the way she came in silence.
As Adrianna walks to the bus stop she wonders why her father gave her the bag and why. Adrianna gets on the bus, as she sits on the brick like seats she felt a draft of cold air. She peaks in the bag and find a blue vest, letter with her name on it and a book. Confused she decides to wait until she got home to try to figure everything out. Adrianna walks in the house her mother is at the door and immediately hugs her. She tells her