Negans: A Short Story

Words: 674
Pages: 3

It had been a few days since Dad left me with the people back in Alexandria. I haven't really made in connections with anyone and was made into a sort of an outcast. I actually missed my father even thinking about him and all the bad things he's done then I remembered the conversation that I had with Rick. I said "We need to talk." Rick gave me a look and asked "About what?" I answered him in the most cold tone I could muster up "I want Negan out of power. I don't want my Dad in charge anymore and I want to help you and your people to get him out o power." Rick gave me a confused look and asked "Why, Why should we trust you." I nodded and said "I get it oh my god you're Negan's Daughter and to answer you're question I want him out of power because I want my dad back not the man he has became because of being the leader of the sanctuary.I know I can't do it by myself, so will you help me? …show more content…
I have been around my dad since day one and I will help you take him down. What do you say?" Rick looked at me with distrust "Fine then don't trust me but I'll let you know I'm probably your only hope." The look on Ricks face changed and I could see that he was thinking about it and he said "Fine we can talk and draw out a plan. As long as you aren't trying to pull any shit on us I know you're just a kid but I will kill you." I nodded and walked off with Rick and something caught my eye it was the pirate he was watching me closely. I looked down sadly knowing that right now I'm number one enemy. I followed Rick into his house and gave him the walkie dad gave me and any weapon I had then let Rick give me a pat down to make sure I wasn't hiding