Negative Consequences Of Stereotyping In Sports

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In this chapter present the related literature and studies after through and in-depth search done by the researchers. Those that were included in this chapter helps familiarizing information that are relevant and similar to present study. Stereotypes as explanations: the formation of meaningful beliefs about social groups. As stated by Yzerbyt, V., and Spears, R. (2000). If we accept that perceptions of corporations are so vital for human beings to recognize the social global, then knowledge those stereotypes is also extraordinarily vital for social psychology. Handbook of prejudice, stereotyping and discrimination: As stated by Nelson, T. (2009). “Racial minorities have less access to and receive poorer quality health care than whites.” …show more content…
According to this study, it takes place while people whose group is focused with the aid of poor stereotypes attempt to excel at duties which are related to stereotype. In these situations, simply knowing that there is a stereotype against them can lead individuals to actually perform more poorly on the task than they otherwise would. Gender stereotyping in televised sports: A follow-up to the 1989 study. As stated by this study, in sports women basketball and tennis players often were called “girls” while boys viewed differently. Men never referred to as “boys.” As well as in tennis commentary, women athletes were called by their first names less frequently than in 1989, a decline from 52.7% to 31.5% of the time. While men in 1993 were referred to only by their first names 12% of the time. Stereotypes As stated by Mcleod, S. (2008). Racial generalizations dependably appear to support the race of the holder and deprecate different races. It is most likely generalizations of different gatherings. Some psychologists argue that it is a “natural” aspect of human behavior, which can be seen to benefit each …show more content…
According to (Adya & Kaiser, 2005), it should be fair and have an equal opportunity to achieve whatever career they choose. The jobs for masculine should not be out of reach for women. Women must choose their preferred jobs for them to express what they want. Jobs must not choose gender. Stereotyping in jobs is not helpful for the workplace to be better. It doesn’t mean that women can’t do what men can do. All of us must be equal, not being stereotyped, because people have their own skills and strong to do all things.
Negative effects on gender roles. According to Sophie Wallace, a member of Girlguiding’s advocate panel, society needs to understand that gender stereotypes is a barrier to progress. Its negative effect is that people are getting depressed because of the different gender roles. According to Amiee Jean Jones, one of the basic foundations of gender roles is to believe that certain personality traits are linked to biological gender. For instance, women are expected to be emotional while men should manage and suppress their