Negative Effects Of A Blended Family

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When two adults get married to one another, and one or both already have children, they are creating a new blended family. I have been a part of two blended families, and it comes with many struggles. Becoming a part of a blended family affects a person negatively in three major ways: adjusting to living arrangements, receiving new rules, and getting used to new people. In result of becoming a blended family, one of the negative effects is that the children have to learn to cope with new rules. For example, when my mom and step father got married, they both had different rules for their kids. My mom has always been strict with me and my brother, on the other hand, my step father spoiled his only child. We had new rules that resulted in having a new bedtime, being home at a certain time, and assigning days to take care of our animals. …show more content…
The children have to get used to living with other children and receiving discipline from a new adult. Prior to marriage, the children are not used to getting in trouble by the new adult in their life because they had not seen them on everyday basis. For example, my stepdad never got on to me until after he married my mom. This was also the same for my mom and my new stepsister. Members of a blended family have to get to know each other and learn how to cope with everyone’s everyday attitude. All these effects----new living arrangements, new rules, and new relationships--- are results of forming a blended family. These three negative effects are tough to adjust to for both the children and adults involved. Because of the increase of blended families in today’s society, it is good to be aware of the negative effects of being a part of a blended family. If more people are aware of the negative effects of blended families, then perhaps blended families would not be as common in the future as they are