Negative Effects Of Cocaine

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A particular Drug Which Lead Society to Addiction and cost United states Millions

Unit 6 project
Cleo Jones

2 Cocaine is a powerfully addictive fast accelerates drug .A Drug that provides a temporary feeling of pleasure to brain. Once the brain absorbed the substance the pleasure feeling will disappear and cause major damage physical and psychological. Cocaine is known as a powdery substance of the eighties and early ninety generation. Cocaine is very popular. Whereas 36.8 million Americans families have been introduce to this substance. Cocaine is a negative effect to the brain and cause individual’s behavior lifestyle to corrupt. Cocaine is known as abuse, a powdery substance mixed with many other dangerous substance. However, at the end of the exotic feeling the drug Cocaine will show a positive impact of pleasure going up coming down is when the victim will be over powered and problems will occur. In the early seventy and eighties (Marzuketal, 1990 1992) Researchers identify Cocaine to be safe, if process correctly. However, when the truth hit the air cocaine’s powerful addiction has cost and taught millions of American a painful lesson. Cocaine change the ways a person think, and relate to others. Crack cocaine is more dangerous than powder cocaine. Crack is made of hydrochloride and baking soda and acid. This drug is highly addict and can cause an individual to make very dangerous decisions. For example, patients who are a long term users, just seeing the crack pipe maximize the process. Because cocaine reaches the brain so fast, and before it reaches the liver the enzymes cannot protect the brain and body from toxins like cocaine. When Cocaine is cooked, heated, and smoked, the psychoactive addiction process is harmful and dangerous. The substance can reached a very high level of danger which cause failure. The drug of the seventy and eighties one was safe because it was extracted from a cocoa plant leaf. The plants were used for refreshments, lose body weight and created a substance for an aesthesia for eye surgery. As a parent, teacher, or friend wanting to know if this destroying, hateful, heartless drug is taking apart in his or her love one life. They can identify by observing mood swings, sudden changes in behavior, sleeping pattern, loss interest in favorite activities, even personal grooming, and withdrawal from friends, family member. Red eyes and pale skins are symptoms of the drug being used. Finally an individual who discover his or her family member, friend or mate behavior level is zero he or she needs to be admitted into a treatment center immediately. One might ask why help an individual who shows no respect or care for his or herself? The number one reason is level zero might trigger problems such as going to jail or seriously harm and death. Remember that addiction to cocaine is a bad disease that happens to good people, bad people and everyone in-between. Cocaine is a drug with no face, eyes, or ears. This powder substance do not discriminate or show pity for victims such as children, adults or teenager. A person who is working with an addict needs to have patient and listen skills and do not judge because the problem may have encounter from his or her parent’s genes ‘(Goldsmith19880). A research shows that a chemical effects of cocaine use can be passed down