Negative Effects Of Facebook

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Negative Review of Facebook
Facebook. This worldwide website with millions of users who use the site to communicate with friends, blog stuff and talk to people they don’t usually see. But that’s not all. This site has many other things to it; many problems. Safety is a concern these days, right? Well at least not with this “Super Site.” Also who’s going to stop all the fights and negative things happening on a “do anything you want” site?
Facebook is a great place to find many cyber bullies. They can harass or even gang up on one and make their life a mess. No one controls who does what on face book, so there’s no stopping someone. At the same time no bullied kid can hide anymore because Facebook announced that they are removing the feature to not be searchable. The feature was that you could remove yourself from the search area so that you would remain private only to your friends. Now all the hiding kids are venerable, thus making Facebook a lot less private and unsafe.
Facebook is also famously known for causing couples to break up. No one wants to see their girlfriend/boyfriend messaging other people, liking their pictures or status and calling somebody else hot or cute. This builds up jealousy, which causes a good bit of tension in a relationship. And having desperate singles trying to hook up with people already in a relationship doesn't help the issue. Overall, unnecessary breakups happen all the time due to Facebook.

Lastly, Facebook does not make up for seeing someone face to face. At the end of the day you may have