Negative Effects Of Social Media Essay

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Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, we have all heard of these social media platforms, and many of us most likely have them however, they can have a negative side-effect on us. Social media started to become popular with a website called Six Degrees and has grown immensely since then. First, social media was born in 1997 with a website called Six Degrees which let you create and account and friend people. After this, people started blogging and instant messaging; by the year 2000, around 100 million people had access to the internet. Next, MySpace became a very popular platform for people to set up a profile much like Facebook. LinkedIn was another popular platform for people to use. Then, Facebook and Twitter were launched, and they set a …show more content…
Information show, “Being exposed to bright lights in the evening can disrupt your natural sleep cycle, according to the National Sleep Foundation. The body’s internal body clock uses light to determine if it’s time to be awake or go to sleep.” This shows that even if you do have your phone on a low setting, any light may disrupt you from having a natural sleep cycle. Another study showed that teenagers, “Not only are they using their devices right before bed, which has been connected with increased difficulty in falling asleep, but a new study has found that ‘over a third of young people appear to be waking up during the night to send or check messages via social media’.” This study showed that our sleep cycle might be disrupted just by the fact that someone instant messaged us. Statistics state that, “About 30% of the participants, who said they had high levels of sleep disturbance, were the group that most obsessively checked their social media accounts. Most participants said they log on to their accounts for more than one hour a day.” This study showed that even if people aren’t looking at their phone right before they go to bed, their sleep cycle might be disrupted. In conclusion, social media can and will entertain us, but if your on it too much, it will affect your sleep