Negative Effects Of Technology Essay

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Leandro Profeta
Essay 8

New gadgets and social media have contributed a lot of bad things in our lives. Even though social media helps us to make things easier, it still has consequences for us. There is always a catch. For instance, technology can be used to perform some drastic and catastrophic events more quickly. Moreover, gadgets make people to think differently. If we don’t control ourselves when using it, we might lose our ability to think for ourselves, our freedom and we might hurt somebodys’ feeling.

Every single day, there is no time that we aren’t going to check our Facebook account.

Indeed, probably some of us do that before we start our day. Checking the News Feed on
Facebook may be fascinating for some of us. Some articles in News Feed are very interesting, for instance, how chatting and texting alter our language little by little because new generation kids talk. They usually change the spelling of each word. Some articles are just about something how you are going to live your life in particular day, or how is your day going to be. It’s like a digital horoscope. In fact, some people defend their day in this sort of things. They forget that they are the ones who are going to live. For newspaper publishers, Facebook is affecting their businesses because more than half of Americans get their news from it. It’s kind of pulling the people away from the fact that newspaper is more accurate in terms of news and has reliable source.

Some of us are being controlled by digital devices because we let the simple machine

intrude into our lives. Digital devices and high technology are number one destruction and freedom intrusion. U.S. government has spent billions of dollars to watch our nation. And because high technology is being used to perform awful plans to harm us these days, hostile

countries can easily ruin our nation digitally and stealthily. However, U.S. government is very advanced to stake someone out because they have money and power to do that. Using their high technology, they are able to eavesdrop to the private conversations and watch everyone of us