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Peace- Divine Knowledge

First you must understand that because one does not know the science of something, that does not mean that it does not exist. One of the easiest ways to evade something is to say that it does not exist. Everything in existence exist, if it did not then it would not have been called into existence. That which can be concieved has to exist because everything that one can concieve can be brought into existence. There are some 14 billion brain cells just in the human brain alone. Trillion of cells in the entire body. These cells are atoms, they are energy. They are Life. There is a science to everything in life, God teaches the science of everything in life. For countless years people have been teaching lies to the people, some intemtionally and some just teach what it is that has been taught to them without knowing they were wrong. This brings me to something most are taught doesnt exist; Spirituality.

Spirituality does exist, but not in the context most are taught because it was given to them in a distorted form. There is truth in everything people are taught, they just do not have enough knowledge and wisdom in order to understand. This is what the devil did, he taught in distorted forms we call trick-knowledge. Knowledge that is twisted in order for the people to not understand and will try to understand by giving it shape and meaning that is distorted.

In the 7 planes of energy there are the physical, mental, and spiritual. Spiritual is there in those planes not as an illusion but because of the reality of its existence that most people do not take the time to understand because they still do not understand themselves. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught the people that there was no spirit being, that Allah is the Black Man of Asia. That when he comes, he comes not as a spirit but as the Original Man. The contents of this teaching is true, but why did he teach this? He ws trying to move them away from chrisianity and the idea of that heaven in the sky because he knew that it was taught to them in such a way that it distorted their mind so they wouldnt have a proper undertsnading. If the truth is distorted it cannot free you. He also taught in his book "The Theology of Time" that "I am not the one to guide you into all truth, that the one that would guide you will come after me". He returned to the essence of life in 1975. The one to guide the people wiould come after his physical departure." Heaven in the sky"- there is nothing wrong if understood that heaving being the paradise that exist in ones self. Sky refers to something above. Something above the physical self. Above the physical self lies the kingdom of god. and it exist within the inner self, the spiritual dwelling. Spriritality is the science of the spiritual world that does not operate under the laws of physics.

There are many things that are not physical. You do not physically see air, but you