Negatives Of Going To College

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There are so many opportunities and times that you want to go to college. However, it is up to the college’s decision to decide if whatever they might accept you or not. They might help you get a college degree if you do well in the classes. But not doing well in college negatively impacts your future, which generates a lot of stress. Paying the college tuition cost is the issue that you must apply for financial aid, scholarships, and/or student loans to cover it. When you think about going to college, it might be the deciding factor for your future.
If college is the best option, they can help you earn a degree based on what you want to do and work on it. A college degree is an important goal to achieve to increase your chances of finding
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In my experience, I chose community college because not only it is affordable, I rather get an associate’s degree than going to a four-year college. There are dangerous risks for students that normally fell for student loans, such as for-profit colleges. An important example, such as ITT Technical Institute or Everest College was shut down unexpectedly for taking money from students and giving them jobs that failed to meet their goals after finishing. According to Gizmodo, the article demonstrates that “ITT finally shut down all campuses following a federal crackdown led by the Department of Education, which found the school was earning most of its revenue from taxpayer dollars.” Having a for-profit college shut down will devastate your lifestyle, such as having a resume of a school that does not exist anymore, losing all of your current education, stranded in student loans, and ruining your future. Going to college might be a dangerous route if you are not financially …show more content…
Of course, it can financially hurt your future, leaving you with a huge amount of student loans to pay off for a long time. However, if you plan on finding a part-time job, it may not help you in a long-term goal. The job market is struggling that finding a job with a high school diploma or a GED may not help you survive in the future. According to Time, “Those grads emerged with more debt and poorer employment prospects due to a struggling economy. As the debt gets paid off and their earnings rise, they may have a change of heart.” In my experience, I cannot look for a second part-time job because I don’t have a college degree and experience to move forward with my life, so I went back to college. Therefore, you must take a risk of going to college to earn a degree. Going to college is an optional goal, depending on your personal and real life experience. College is an important step in improving your lifestyle when you get a degree and finding a full-time job or career. Sometimes, college can be stressful and expensive that it may not be worth it for a long-term goal. Looking for a job or career is a completely different situation where experience is more important than getting a college degree because the job market wants candidates with experience and a degree. The future of going to college is growing much harder as the economy fails to make any progress in improving