Negotiation Exercise 1 Essay

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Negotiation Exercise 1

Assess the constituents and the social context of the negotiation:
Below things would be taken care of while assessing the various constituents of the negotiation(Lewicki,Barry,Saunders,Tasa,2011,page 76)

a.The Direct Actors - A Negotiator and a Note-taker (Director of Account Services of “Awesome Advertising” - Interviewer).
b. The Opposing Actors - A Negotiator and a Note-taker (Account Executive from Momentus Marketing and Advertising – Interviewee).
c.Indirect Actors – Employees of “Awesome Advertising” and Family Members of the Account Executive to be Interviewed.
d.Interested Observers - Other Applicants.
e.Environment Factors – A person moving from mordern lifestyle to a quite life on an island. (Lewicki,Barry,Saunders,Tasa,2011,page 78)

Expected Relationship - Long-term, as it would not only be alligned to the employee retention policy of “Awesome Advertising” but also benefit the company by giving it a resource that has been recognized for his work in the market domain who can greatly contribute towards the profitability of the company.
Frequency of Negotiation – Multiple Times to deal with other offers that the Account Executive would get from other companies and there is a possibility that even after joining “Awesome Advertising” the Account Executive would be fishing in the market for the better opportunities.
Deadlines - 2 Month because current Account Executive at “Awesome Advertising” would be retiring in 3 months time and hus there is a need to hire a new Account Executives maximum within two months so that he gets a good transition of atleast a month which would not only help him grasp the business of “Awesome Advertising” in the best possible way, but also help him to adjust to the slow life of an island while still getting support from the current Account Executive.
Rules of game –

1. Place to Conduct the business- First round of interview would be telephonic just to build the confidence in the applicant; the next round would be an in person interview and the preferred location will be the cabin of the director of Account Services of “Awesome Advertising” in a very professional environment as the professional setup would play a dominating role during the negotiation.

2. Legal formalities- In case of the offer being made to the applicant it would be coated as a legal contract with the maximum possible contract period post which the applicant would complete the onboarding formalities.

2.Negotiation Interests and Positions
A Analysis of the issues – General
Salary Package to be Offered
Bonus and Benefits to be Offered
Long Term Commitment
Onboarding Formalities(Lewicki,Barry,Saunders,Tasa,2011,page 71)

B Analysis of your interests and positions :
Our Interest :
Replacing the Account Executive who is to retire in 3 months of time.
Keeping the cost as low as possible.(Salary Package)
Bargaining Mix :
Less Work load as compared to his previous job.
Competetive Pay.
Flexible Work hours.
Get to work on an island with the fast paced life just a couple of hours away.
An opportunity to become a big fish in a small pool.
Other Applicants (Lewicki,Barry,Saunders,Tasa,2011,page 72)
Initial,Target,Resistance Point :
The negotiation would start with a salary package of $55,000 with full benefits; 4 to 6 weeks paid vaccation and employee profit sharing plan ranging between $5,000 to $10,000 and this would serve as the initial
The Target would be to close the deal with an annual package of $60,000 to $65,000 with other benefits.
$70,000 with benefits would serve as our resistance point. We could also allow some remote work.
Priorities of different issues :
Replacing the Account Executive within 2 months.
Getting the guy from “Momentus” onboard with a long term commitment within the current salary standards of the company and a relocation cost of $700.
Retention as the guy would be moving from a big city to an island.

C Analysis of other team’s interests and positions :