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Journal Entry 3: Units 3, 4, 5
Unit 3
Negotiation is a critical tool when dealing with conflict. BATNA which is Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement gives tips on how to negotiate to get the outcome that you want. When there is a conflict for people not to feel guilty about not handling it they tend to think they are powerless and that there is nothing they can contribute to the situation. By the individual doing this it also eliminates failure which most people are afraid of. When there is a conflict most people would rather do nothing in case of failure then try and help resolve a conflict. For example when there is a fight people will stand around and watch instead of intervene. In the summer I saw two kids fighting, they were both wrestling each other and throwing punches and people in their cars and walking on the street were doing nothing. People were getting gas across the street and they were just watching. People do this because they don’t know what they can do. I was sitting in my car at a red light and was honking and the two of them stopped, had a few words and started walking in the opposite direction. My sister looked at me and made a comment of being proud that I did something. When an issue arises in public people stand around and spectate. Why is this? For entertainment? People don’t want to get involved? People are scared to get involved? Or is it because people do not know how to react to conflict. When two people have a conflict there has to be some sort of agreement to resolve the issue, and that is when negotiation steps in. There has to be a relationship between people who are negotiating, meaning understanding both sides and respect if there is a disagreement. If I disagree with a co-worker I can’t disrespect them by telling them that their view on the topic is stupid or doesn’t make sense. I have to listen to their point of view and communicate with them to reach an understanding. Communication is important with listening and talking to one another for a resolution that both parties are happy with. By listening to the other side of the story it will help increase your chances to persuade them. It is also important when negotiating to show commitment to the other party. This helps increase your power over the other party. As the negotiator you can commit to what you will do for the other party, what you want to do (take it or leave it), and what kind of commitments you want to see from the other party. For example, there have been many fights in my house of who does what house work. If the bathroom, living room and kitchen need to get clean a negotiation with my sister and I has to be done. I would rather clean the kitchen rather than the bathroom so if I show a commitment to my sisters by saying I will do the kitchen and living room if you do the bathroom it shows her commitment from my end and therefore increases my power to get what I want. And in return I get commitment from my sister when she says yes to the negotiation. Negotiators are trained in many skills and tactic that are used in their line of work to help resolve conflict.
The Hostage Negotiation Team (HNT) works with the police departments and is trained in many skills to help resolve conflict. The HNT trains with the Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) and learn skills to help certain conflicts which are hostage taking, barricaded suspects and suicide attempts (to be explain later). When negotiating there is many factors that need to be taken into consideration. Such as when the first line officer gets on scene it is important that they call a trained negotiator immediately. The best thing that can be used in these situations is time. The negotiating time is made up of three components. First the primary negotiator who is in contact with the suspect, second the secondary negotiator who will give help to the primary negotiator by giving advice and by making sure the primary negotiator can hear and understand everything