Negro: Jesus Christ Essay

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Cha Boy
BUS 352B
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My Beliefs Growing up with strong moral integrity and firm foundation beliefs in the Christianity, I have faith in many things; however, none stronger than in Jesus Christ. Through reason, experience, authority, and tradition, my individual beliefs have made me who I am today. My beliefs and core values start with Jesus Christ. I accepted Him into my life when I was four years old. Although the commitment did not mean much at the time, I remember clearly being by my bed with my mother and feeling a change in my heart. My father was one of the most humble, outgoing, and strongest leaders of faith in our church. He led the youth group of middle school and high school students while still being the vice president at Rogers Jewelry. Him and I went on many different mission trips together including Mexico, inner city LA, and Kenya. I can always count on learning something from him. He passed away a week after we returned from Mexico in 2010 from being very sick of pneumonia and driving home from a late night work event he veered his car off the road. At that moment in time, all my strong foundational beliefs and values went out the window. I was so angry with God that I couldn’t fathom how something like this could happen to such an influential and resilient man. Yet, when I look past all that I am so blessed to have had him for 18 years of my life. Christianity and involvement go hand in hand as I have witnessed and led people to Christ who were completely in the sinister. Concluding his funeral, one of his coworkers came sobbing up to my mother and me. Typical at an event like this, he pleaded with us that he wanted to be