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More to It than Just Ballwin From Ballshow to Ballwin, this city has always prospered in Missouri. Known as one the safest and most family oriented cities, Ballwin is more than just a nice place to live. It is home to many events, parks, and events to provide entertainment for the residents who live there and all those visiting. Even John Ball knew that it would be a great city, changing the name from Ballshow to Ballwin, as he saw it was most likely to “‘win out” in reputation and growth over its older and more prominent neighbor [Manchester]” (City of Ballwin). Off the radar to many in St. Louis, Ballwin is in fact a remarkable city for entertainment and events for those of all ages.
Most people searching for entertainment would not think of Ballwin first, when in actuality Ballwin is a great source of amusement for all. For the younger children, many parents are hoping to keep them busy over the summers when they are at home more often and have less to do. Ballwin hosts many summer camps for kids of all ages. There are many different types for all interests including: Aqua Camp, Harry Potter Camp, Country Club Camp, Science Detective's Camp, Drama Camp, Jam Camp, and many more (City of Ballwin). The kids at these camps are kept busy and safe as they explore their talents and interests in a fun and safe environment with their friends. Many of the parishes in Ballwin also host a Vacation Bible School day camp over the summer for those who would like their child to have a more religious yet fun experience. No matter which summer camp a child goes to, they are bound to have fun.
For the teenagers, who deem themselves too old and “cool” to go to summer camps, there are other things for them to do. West County Lanes, off of Manchester Road, provides a great bowling experience complete with an arcade and Cosmic Bowling (bowling with neon and strobe lights in the evening). Many shops and restaurants are also open on Manchester Road and Big Bend Road (the two main streets in Ballwin) for the younger residents to enjoy. For children and teens of all ages, there are many swimming pools in Ballwin, the two largest being The Pointe and The North Pointe, which are indoor and outdoor recreational facilities with swimming pools and water parks. Also many neighborhoods have residential pools for those that live there. So, as can be seen, there are also many areas of entertainment for the older children and teenagers in Ballwin.
Entertainment for adults is also very well sought out. The shops on Manchester and Big Bend are quite popular among adults, along with many restaurants and bars. There are also a few golf courses native to the city, such as Ballwin Golf Course. Each of the golf courses found in the city has a beautiful course with its own clubhouse to rest and relax in after a grueling game. For those that enjoy being outdoors more than others, deer hunting is also a common past time in not only Ballwin but all of St. Louis. St. Louis in 2012 had a population of about 24,500 deer, which was an 18% rise from 2011 (Flinn Sumners Hanson 8). The deer population is steadily growing, despite the many hunters in Missouri. As the deer population grows, so does the number of permitted hunters. In 2012, 517,618 permits were issued for deer hunting alone in Missouri (Flinn Sumners Hanson 19). Although deer hunting is available for all ages, it is mostly adults 40 and over (64% of all permits are issued for this age group). Along with deer hunting, other activities such as regular bingo nights and auctions at many schools and parishes are held for all residents of Ballwin. Everyone is welcome to these events and they are always sure to be fun for all. Being rated as one of the best places to live in 2005, 2011, and 2013 by CNNMoney Magazine, Ballwin continues to be a safe and friendly environment for families to enjoy themselves. Along with all the activities for all different age groups, there are also many