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Nekens Colin
Keller University
MGMT-591-65169 Leadership & Org Behavior
Assignment Title: Life Styles Inventory
Professor: Robert Salitore

Table of Contents

Exodus 1: Primary Thinking Style
Primary Thinking Style--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1
Back-up Thinking Style--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------2
Limiting Style--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------3
Impact on Management Style--------------------------------------------------------------------------------4
Staffing ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------4.3
Part III- Genesis of Personal Styles----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------5.1
Personal Styles ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------6
Part IV- Conclusion and Reflection------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------7

Life Styles Inventory (LSI) Assignment

Primary Thinking Style
Based on my LSI style profile, my primary thinking style is the constructive style which is reflected in my in my LSI style Circumplex and encompasses 11, 12, 1, and 2 o'clock positions respectively. The highest percentile score stems from the affiliative style which has a score of 38 and a percentile of 93. The constructive style which is part of the style circumplex serves as a repository to the add-ons styles of Humanistic-encouraging, affiliative and self-actualizing.
Such style often reflects self-enhancing thinking and behavior which contribute to my level of satisfaction. Developing healthy relationships and working with people in an efficient manner which is proficient helps me complete my tasks.
Back-up thinking style
The same LSI profile reveals that my back-up thinking style is the aggressive/defensive style which again serves as a repository containing 7, 8, 9, and 10 o'clock positions within the circumplex. With a score of 25 and a second highest percentile of 79, the perfectionistic style describes my thinking behavior keenly. Do I promote my thinking behavior to maintain status/position and fulfill security needs through task-related activities? I would say absolutely yes.
Those impressions are indeed supported in my everyday life and my professional life through interaction with others. I am always encouraging people, I see the good in my friends, strangers included, and at work I always offer solutions that tend to resolve conflicted ideas and interest. I am also my biggest supporter and I like for things to be as close to perfection as possible. If I believe something is good, I will push for it strongly using my status at work. That is those styles are manifested in my life and through work.
To summarize the styles that I described in the former, I would say in the grand-scale of things, they represent my personality as a whole; it just has different Layers to it. My perceptions of the results are exactly what I expected to see, and with no major fluctuation or inaccuracies in their behavioral style description. Do I agree with the results? I would have to say yes based on the outcome of the LSI