Nelson Mandela Dbq Analysis

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From the early 1900’s to 2006, peaceful protests on average have been approximately fifty percent more successful than violent campaigns (Chenoweth). Mahatma Gandhi, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, and Nelson Mandela are all examples of leaders in these peaceful movements. The success of these crusades resulted in major positive changes in their countries. Gandhi worked to gain India’s independence from Great Britain, Dr. King advocated for civil rights in the United States (US), and Mandela dedicated his life to abolishing racial segregation in South Africa. Although it is well know that these three causes were successful, why is it that nonviolence was not only chosen , but was also more effective? Nonviolence worked because Gandhi’s passive actions …show more content…
Document F (Doc F) reveals Mandelaś motivations behind a peaceful campaign. Mandela followed in the footsteps of another great leader, Mahatma Gandhi, and his leadership inspired Mandelaś. He suggested they follow ¨a nonviolence that seeks to conquer through conversion”(Doc F). This quote means his goal was to overcome challenges not through violent actions, but through changing fundamental beliefs of his country. Choosing non violence was also the most logical choice for Mandela. He says about the movement ¨Any attempts at violence by us would be devastatingly crushed¨ (Doc F). This strategy to protect his followers by using peaceful protesting showed smart leadership on Mandelaś part. Mandela also showed resolve during his peaceful movement. In Document C (Doc C), he says Ï explained to Mr. de Klerk we could not tell our supporters to relax sanctions until he had completely dismantled apartheid and a transitional government was in place.” This quote shows Mandelaś dedication to his cause and his quality as a leader who keeps his word. Discipline was an important part of Madelaś movement. Staying peaceful was critical to the success of their campaign. In Document I (Doc I) he says no matter what the authorities did, the volunteers could not retaliate, otherwise they would undermine the value of the entire enterprise.” This quote shows Mandela was a strong enough leader to earn the respect and compliance of his followers. Mandelaś peaceful protests showed the world that they were devoted to their cause. This is why Mandela and his followers accepted any punishment that was given to them (Document L). Mandela says ¨Our message was that no sacrifice was too great in the struggle for freedom¨ (Doc L). This is a testimony to why peaceful protesting was the right choice of action for Mandelaś cause. It showed that