Nemesis: Friendship and Chen Xiao Teacher Essay

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Chen Xiao
Teacher: Ethan
Class: 110 RW
Date: 11/1/12
I am crying. At the moment, I don’t know what my emotion is. All kinds of feelings well up in my heart. No one stay at home. I cry out of the sound. Look at the thing in my hand. I am smiling through tears. “I did it!”
"Ah, I need to go to school!" I stretch myself and reluctantly got up to wash. Will I encounter any new classmates today? Will I make a friend? My heart is full of expectation. This is my first day of high school, I didn't have any friends before, but now, I have a bit of expectation for the new life. With the late, into the wrong class. I ended the morning. "Really unfortunate!" I sighed.
"Chen, can you help me?""Uh...OK!"
I made a first friend. We soon got to acquaintance. Our friendship is enviably, and even some people said we are gay. We always played together and talked about life, talked about games, talked about teachers. There is a moment. I feel lucky to encounter this good person. I continue to studying in high school for two years.
Now I understand the principle, more intimate relations, the deeper hurt.
Our relationship was broken. We argued. The reason is that we like the same girl. I wanted to talk to him, but he found me, quarried and scolded me. My only good friend disappeared. I felt that I fall into a deep abyss. I changed, and I have no longer smiled. But in order to not let my family worry about me, I have to pretend to be very happy. I was so tired, I decided I no