Neolithic Revoltion Essay

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The Neolithic Revolution in most peoples’ perspective was perceived as a period of progress driven by the early man. Advancement of government, and advancement in inventions, leads to improvement within society at that time. This Agricultural Revolution helped increase in extraordinary progress in early life. Because of agriculture, people could now farm in addition to hunting and gathering. This gave people the ability to move and settle into one place. This revolution also helped people form more advanced governments, leading to better organization. Thus the impact of improvement in society in this time period, gave off a positive tale of progress, soon leading to development of the world.

Instead of depending on hunting and gathering, it made more sense for humans at the time to have farmed, for a more dependable and definite outcome. The results from the transition of hunters and gatherers to farmers was worth it and very favorable. Progress in supply of food was successfully reached for society. In result, this success allowed for settlements in fertile land to form, and it helped to increase the population in the community. Because farmers usually stayed in one area for long periods of time, permanent settlements were created and built. Also, animals soon became domesticated. This domestication of animals gave people security, and variety in food and clothing. Easier life was accomplished by the ability to be able to tame these animals and raise them, instead of having to dangerously hunt. As the amount of societies adopting farming instead of hunting and gathering increased, a numerous amount villages formed. Undoubtedly, agricultural efforts did oblige exhausting labor in order to earn the big recompense it deserved, but now shortage of food wasn’t…