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Nervous, Excited, and Confident
Carlton Ferguson Jr.
English, Block 9
Due: Tuesday, 10/16/12

A crowd of over 230 people staring directly at me and the silence of the crowd waiting making Who would have known you can fell nervous, excited, and confident all in the same day. me nervous. Bright lights, cameras flashing all around, and excitement streaming through the audience faces. But I’m confident I’m going dance like I never have before. This was my first dance performance in front of a large crowd.

Excited, waking up early in the morning on a summer day practicing in my bed room, getting ready for this afternoon. I called my friends asking them if they were ready to do what we do best. Of course they responded with same answer “Yes”. My practice at Lakeshore Dance Studios started at around 1:00pm and the performance started at 5:00pm, which gave us plenty time to practice. I practiced the harder than I ever practiced before. Around 3:00pm we started to get dressed and head to Regina High school in South Euclid, when we arrived that’s when I began to get nervous.

Walking into Regina High auditorium and seeing so many people who came to see our Dance Studio perform was amazing. Thinking about all those people coming to see us made me even more nervous, I tried to relax and not think about it but that didn’t help. So we headed backstage to warm up and get mentally prepared. My friends were focus and ready but I kept thinking what if. What if I fall? What if I freeze up? What if I forget the routine? All of this was running through my mine at once. We were the fourth group in line and the third group had just ran on stage. Then, I asked myself why was I doing this because I love dance and who was I doing it for, my family, my team, and myself. That’s when my confidence started too kicked in.

The third group was leaving the stage and it was time for us to show them what we practiced so hard for. The announcer