Nescafe Brand Management Essay

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Nescafe Brand Management
Brand Audit Objectives, Scope, and Approach
Objectives: We seek to understand the health of Nescafé’s brand equity and basis of positioning in order to generate strategic recommendations based on this analysis.
Scope: In order to meet our brand objectives we will seek to understand Nescafé’s brand equity, core brand values, and associations in the United States. We believe that analyzing parts of the global Nescafé brand is pivotal to being able to comprehend the brand’s influence in the United States.
Approach: We will focus mostly on secondary research for our brand audit, but we will use primary sources whenever possible. Additionally, a marketing research project was undertaken by the group to assess the
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Segmentation: Instant Coffee Drinkers (Nescafé vs. Folgers vs. Maxwell House)
Income: Our analysis indicates that Nescafé is significantly more expensive than its instant coffee competitors (see Appendix); Nescafé drinkers are probably more well-off socio-economically than the average drinker of their competitors
Needs/Benefits: Some instant coffee competitors value high quality and social and environmental responsibility while others do not. Nescafé appeals to the segment of drinkers that does value high quality and social and environmental responsibility.
Brand Vision
Nescafé aims to “realize joy” within their customers’ everyday lives by providing them with a delightful cup of instant coffee. In the furtherance of this aim, Nescafé will provide the highest quality instant coffee available on the market.
Brand Mission
Nescafé will continue being the market leader in soluble coffee, as measured by market share in key markets (such as the United States) and by total revenues and net earnings by providing people quality moments by means of a tasty and refreshing cup of coffee. Additionally, Nescafé aims to become a leader in corporate, social and environmental responsibility.
Brand Promise
Nescafé provides a customer with a tangible way of “enjoying the quality moments of everyday life” by means of the quality of its coffee. This brand promise is especially resonant with