Essay on Nest in the Wind

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ANT 200 Book Test

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1. Contrast Pohnpeian and industrial explanations on how the island came into being.
a. The Pohnpeian explanation is an example of a supernatural creation story.
b. Pohnpeians explain that an octopus directed Sapikini to the island.
c. The industrial explanation is based on science.
d. People in industrial society say volcanoes erupted and formed the island.
e. all of the above

2. What was the nature of Ward’s study on Pohnpei?
a. how matrilineal descent changed to patrilineal even before modernization.
b. how fish and other ocean foods took over the diet, which lead to rising mercury levels.
c. an
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a. passing ships left the flu or other diseases as well commercial goods.
b. a poisonous snake has infested the island, and has bitten many people.
c. cholera has struck (again!) due to poor sanitary conditions.
d. AIDS has hit Pohnpei hard.
e. all of the above

19. How are Pohnpeian funerals different than American funerals?
a. American funerals last many days (4-10) whereas Pohnpeian funerals are much shorter.
b. Americans attend funerals because they mourn the deceased, whereas in Pohnpei kinship obligations demand you attend.
c. American funeral feasts are more elaborate than Pohnpeian.
d. Pohnpeian generally cremate their dead, whereas Americans do not.

20. How did the researchers turn all the funerals into a creative solution?
a. they ate at the feasts because they didn’t have enough money to buy food, and thus saved many thousands of dollars.
b. they used the gatherings to complete their census rather than going door-to-door.
c. they were able to take blood samples and create a venom for the snakebite.
d. they were able to learn high language, and thus turn the failing blood pressure study around. 21. Why, according to the people of Pohnpei, did Sohn Alpet stage the big feast?
a. to lift the curses acquired during the trip to Wene.
b. to bring success to the grand opening of the blood pressure study.
c. to bring good fortune to the author in her attempt to get pregnant.
d. to lift the curses brought about by a