Nestle Case Study

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Nowadays, Nestle become the largest in the world of food and Beverage Company. Mostly, people know Nestle and it is very familiar and very famous brand of company among us all around the world. In 1866, Nestle was founded by Henri Nestle with Headquarters in Vevey, Switzerland. It has employed about 250000 people from more than 70 different countries. Nestle has a factories or an operations in almost each country in the world because it is the biggest companies of food in the world. Nestle has their own priority which is to bring the best and most relevant products to people, anything their required, wherever they are, throughout their lives.
In 1867, in Switzerland, the history about Nestle began when the founder, Henri Nestle
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They keep all the detail about their staff and worker such name, ID, Address, Punch time card and many more. They keep the data safely because it is important for nestle to review and know all about their employees.

• Technical computer information
The information about the computer system or the other technology device that user use to access one of nestle website and application are collect by nestle. Nestle collect this type of information through the automatic technology such as cookies and web beacons. For the example is consisting of user computer IP address, operating system type and web browser type. The information that collected include user phone unique device ID and other mobile device data when user access a Nestlé’s website or their application via mobile device such as smartphone.

• Product File
They keep all data about their product. They product must be keep track for inventory stock. Nestle also keep all the ingredient that need to make a product and the data have been save in their database. Besides that, they also use SAP system for packaging their product and how much they need packaging to pack a nestle
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For the example, the feedback might include the comments and recommendations, testimonials, or other questions and it is related to nestle products or research.

• Sales file
Nestle also save all their sales, profit and loss. Nestle need to keep all their sales file because they need to know how many production if they profit or loss. They also need to keep track the most product has been sales and they will increase the output of the product.

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