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The Organisation I have chosen is Nestle they are highly recognised for their affordable and good quality products such as baby food, bottled water, cereals, coffee and tea, confectionery, dairy products, frozen food, pet foods, and snacks. Nestlé was founded in 1866 by George Page, Charles Page, Henri Nestlé and has approximately 2,000 brands and operations in more than 86 countries and more than 330,000 employees globally. It is also one also of the main shareholders of L’Oreal, the world’s largest cosmetics company this helps to widen Nestles economic growth. Nestle has met a number of needs for the consumers everyday life by marketing and selling a large range of products of a consistently high quality. "Good Food, Good Life" is Nestles slogan that helps capture what Nestle intends to do in the future which is ensuring that foods are nutritious and delicious foods and drinks to help form a better lifestyle for consumers.
Analysis of the organisation
Nestle is currently heavily invested in making sure that all the products are safe and healthy to ensure that the logo Good food Good life is truthful. Not only does Nestle want to ensure that the consumers have “Good food Good Life” but also the worker this is set by the Nestlé Nespresso and Rainforest Alliance signed a contract that made sure that by 2013 80% of Nespresso’s coffee comes from rainforest alliance certified farms. Certified farms must have sustainable farming, including soil and water conservation, protection of wildlife and forests, and ensuring that farm workers, women and children have all the proper rights and benefits, such as good wages, clean drinking water, access to schools and health care and security.
In 2011 Nestle started to work with the Fair Labour Association (FLA) that works with major companies to improve working conditions. On 29 February 2012 Nestlé became the first food company to join the FLA. FLA than sends identify and get evidence, of child labour in the workforce and then the will advise Nestlé how to address them in sustainable and lasting ways. This is a huge step because it is well known that many large cooperation’s take their products to developing countries in order for the workers to get paid very little for the work while Nestle has gone out of its way to help solve child labour when producing their products and ensuring that even the workers have a good life.
Most of Nestles products target market is directed at a wide range of adults to help make life easier. The variety of products that they sell is mostly everyone such as baby food is a product for baby’s but bought by adults everyday items.
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Marketing mix description:
Product: KitKat was first sold in the United Kingdom in 1935 under the name Rowntree's Chocolate Crisp. After two years the name was changed to Kit Kat Chocolate Crisp then in 1942 it was abbreviated to just Kit Kat. In 1988 Nestlé than acquired KitKat by purchasing Rowntree’s sourcing guidelines. KitKat is one of the most famous chocolates to be sold globally apart from the United States where the Reese Candy Company makes it. It is has a wide appeal across different ages and both male and female.
Price: The small KitKat with 4 wafer fingers costs around about $2.00 and the large KitKat is around about $4.00.
In September 2013 it was declared that the 4.4 of Google's Android operating system would be named "KitKat". An advertisement in many countries had a competition which meant that a marked Kit Kat bar would win a Nexus 7 gadgets and Google Play Store credit.
Studies across the world have repeatedly shown that woman buy two-thirds more confectionary compared to men and most of the products are given to children. KitKat has insured that advertisements appeal to both men and woman. A KitKat advertisement of dancing baby’s was most popular with females because it was cute and males thought it was