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Netflix Addict in a YouTube world
This month Seventeen magazine printed their first YouTuber issue with Bethany Mota aka Macbarbie07, as the cover star. Bethany began to make videos because she wanted an escape from her bullies. In the beginning she says she would model her videos after the ones she had seen and she realized it wasn’t working out so she decided to let loose and let her true self shine through her videos. Today Mota has created her own empire formed of a clothing line, room décor, fragrance through Aeropostale, and well over seven million subscribers at the impressive age of 18. She was also awarded the YouTuber of the Year at the Teen Choice Awards and is competing on the new season of Dancing with the Stars. Ipsy is a company that was founded by Michelle Phan, a fellow YouTuber with seven million Dr. Pepper gave her a commercial for their ‘One of a Kind’ campaign which also featured Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. This is a company that caters to the woman that wants to grow her knowledge or collection of beauty products, with ten bucks a month you get a themed makeup bag filled with five products. They make up the national and international family of YouTubers. “Our National Netflix Addiction Just Keeps Getting Worse” by Timothy Stenovec is about North American internet traffic at peak evening hours. He points out that Netflix makes up over 30 percent of the internet traffic on any evening. According to the article that means that one third of North Americans are watching enjoying one of the movies or shows Netflix has to offer on any given night. In the first three months of this year alone Netflix gained two million subscribers. Media relations manager Dan Deeth, said it was a result of Super HD that is fifty percent better than the previous content Netflix offered. Stenovec ended by stating that Netflix was way ahead of YouTube, iTunes, and Amazon.
Netflix is without a doubt an internet powerhouse, especially during peak hour, however the author Timothy Stenovec may not be portraying Netflix’s true worth and influence on the internet, both in North America and worldwide. In other words Netflix may not be as powerful as the author claims. YouTube may not have as heavy traffic at peak hours, which shows how powerful they truly are. YouTube has events that go beyond the internet, events that allow the subscribers the opportunity to see the acts up close. Netflix even uses YouTube to advertise their shows. Needless to say both are big players in the internet game. Netflix may have won the battle over North America, however YouTube has the advantage in the war for global dominance.
Reading the article I can’t help but disagree with Stenovec YouTube blows Netflix out of the water any time of day. The United States makes up only twenty percent of YouTube’s traffic. YouTube has conferences all over the world that have ComicCon looking amateur. Sure I see billboards for Netflix’s original shows, Netflix even has their own YouTube account with trailors for the shows and have banners on the home page promoting “House of Cards.” For the most part YouTube has expanded from word of mouth or the click of the share and posting it on your Facebook wall. This summer I saw the first YouTube Billboards, I couldn’t help but feel pride in looking at it. The people on those billboards are promoting completely normal people, they won over their audiences by being who they truly are. YouTube has helped launch many careers like Bethany Mota and Michelle Phan. Going to the other side of the world, there are even more success stories