Netflix Case Study Essay

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Netflix: Why it Works
Tava Dennis
MGT 323
February 5, 2014
Stephen Theriault
Netflix is a popular and affordable choice for film entertainment enthusiast and has seen significant growth in just over decade. As a novice and avid Netflix subscriber, we have found a company that has found its target market in our home. It appears that Netflix founder, Reed Hastings, made the right business moves at the right time. He entered the market at a time when he could have found himself failing to succeed. Realizing that the demand for instant streaming was a bold move in the late 1990’s when the internet and personal computers were still new and a developing phenomenon. A risky business venture proved to dominate the
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Socially speaking, people no longer want to take the time to browse a video store, travel out of the way to a store, wait in lines or be disappointed that a rental is not available. Browsing Netflix online provides instant streaming, no lines, and the newly released flick isn’t out of stock. Anthropologically speaking, we are an internet driven society where nearly every industry is vulnerable to destruction without some type of internet. Most people use e-mail instead of mail because of the instant correspondence which was nearly unheard of 2 decades ago. Netflix jumped on the opportunity without realizing the success that would unfold. Realizing that the population reacted to instant stimulation over decades of observation really upped the ante for Netflix.
Technology is a part of our everyday lives. We use it to communicate, work, entertain, and socialize. Our world is constantly stimulated by the technology that is being introduced. Netflix provides personalized service to showcase movies that each customer may enjoy based on ratings and previous viewings. The suggested “flix” are determined by what the customer adds to their queue and what rating is given after the viewing. My husband and I are big movie buffs and would frequent the local Blockbuster, often hit with late fees later. After the local Blockbuster closed, we visited the multiple Redbox rentals for movies. While we liked Redbox, we