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EDU 225

When it comes to students having knowledge of technology there is a list of required skills that they must master during a specific grade level. Pre-K through Second must acquire skills based off the standards located on the ISTE website before being considered competent on their grade level. These standards are on a national level to insure that all students are technology literate and competent.
Students must illustrate and communicate original ideas that involves the use of digital tools and resources. They must be able to identify, research and collect types of data using the appropriate resources and providing the correct solution. All must engage in learning activities with learns of different cultures through the use of email and other means. Students must work well in a collaborative group using a variety of technology to produce presentations and provide safe demonstration and cooperative use of technology. They must acquire the knowledge to evaluate information on a current or historical person using digital resources and have the ability to use stimulations to explore depict patterns of growth. Without the help of instructor, apply independently appropriate tools and resources that address problems and communicate adequate terminology. Lastly, all students must demonstrate the ability to navigate in virtual environments such as electronic books, software and websites. The above standards is from the International Society of Technology Education and it is a set standard so that teachers can prepare students to be technical savvy.
With current technology evolving daily, it is important for teachers to stay up-to-date and have continual learning. Teachers must also learn a new set of skills that will prepare them to teach a more technology advanced world. Assessment are now mandatory to ensure teachers are congruent with current standards. Today they have an advantage that many before did not, they are able to reach students through another light via technology. Technology has opened many doors to learning. For instance the internet is a great learning tool, it has many resources available to aid teachers with lesson plans, presentations, and research. Although, a few of NETS standards could be quite difficult for some students to grasp, others are right on target. I feel students that are completing