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Netw204 Final Week 8

1 | Given a network design of two or more routers, install necessary memory, interface modules, cables and IOS and test layer 1&2 connectivity. | 2 | Given a network topology of two or more routers and an IPv4 addressing scheme, implement static routing and confirm layer 3 connectivity. | 3 | Given a network topology and three or more routers and an IPv4 addressing scheme, implement RIPv1 routing protocol and confirm layer 3 connectivity. | 4 | Given a network topology of three or more routers with bandwidth designations, compare the metrics used during the route selection process and the resulting routing tables generated by the DUAL and SPF algorithms. | 5 | Given a network topology of three or
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A text name, useful for end users, that represents an IP address. DNS servers can be used resolve the name into the IP address it represents. a) Answer: Hostname

31. A list of the last several commands entered in a Cisco router or switch EXEC and configuration modes. These commands can be recalled to the command line by using the Up Arrow key or Ctrl-p, which saves typing effort when using the same commands repeatedly. a) Answer: Terminal History

32. In the Cisco router and switch CLI, an area of memory that holds the commands most recently used by that user. The commands are recalled to the command lone when the user presses the Up Arrow button or Ctrl-p. a) Answer: History Buffer

Week 2

1. Used between Internet service providers (ISP) as well as between ISPs and their larger private clients to exchange routing information. a) Answer: Border Gateway Protocol (BGP)

2. Exchange of routing information between routers. Dynamically learn information about remote networks and determines the best path to each network. a) Answer: Dynamic Routing Protocols

3. A set of processes, algorithms, and messages that are used to exchange routing information and populate the routing table with the routing protocol's choice of best paths. a) Answer: Routing Protocol

4. A finite list of steps used in accomplishing a task a) Answer: Algorithm

5. Is a collection of routers under a common administration. a) Answer: