Netw206 Standardized Configurations Across the Network Essay

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Assignment Background Information
This project will provide support for High-Definition IP cameras for DeVry’s campus network.
In Phase 1, you designed a network switching infrastructure that supported both the existing data traffic, as well as additional camera traffic, according to requirements. In Phase 2, you will create standards and provide a configuration template for implementation teams to use in future deployments.
Phase 2 Assignment

As the network engineer, you have been asked to standardize network configurations across the Devry University campus.
This week, your manager has scheduled a meeting to discuss with you specific configuration requirements based on camera density and traffic patterns, standards that you
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Local VLANs

The Cisco Enterprise Campus Architecture is based on the local VLAN model. In this VLAN model, all users of s set of geographically common switches are grouped into a single VLAN, regardless of the organizational function of those users. Local VLANS are generally confined to a wiring closet. If users move from one location to another in the campus, their connection is changes to the new VLAN at the new physical location.
So in our scenario, we are going to use the End-to-End VLAN concept, because we want to manage cameras centralized. Our main objective of implementing VLANs in here is, increasing the bandwidth. Also by using End-to-End concept, we can gain more flexibility in placing cameras. Also we can save additional cabling cost and no. of switches.
So in this scenario every switch is having 5 VLANs. They are,
1. camera_vlan_01
2. camera_vlan_01
3. camera_vlan_01
4. camera_vlan_01
5. default vlan

Configuration of a switch switch>enable switch#configure terminal switch(config)#hostname 2010P_ACCESS_01
2010P_ACCESS_01(config)#vlan 2
2010P_ACCESS_01(config-vlan)#name camera_vlan_01
2010P_ACCESS_01(config)#vlan 3
2010P_ACCESS_01(config-vlan)#name camera_vlan_02
2010P_ACCESS_01(config)#vlan 4