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Consultants Analysis Report on Enterprise Systems
Josh Brennan
IT. 401
Colorado Technical University (Online)

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Project Outline
The consultants Analysis Report of Enterprise System will focus primarily on the architecture of a company known as PPBOCES. We will be going over the key aspects as to what the most fitting architecture is, what the system requirements are, what resources will be used, the security and any final recommendations that may be offered.

PPBOCES is an organization in Colorado Springs, Colorado that not only supports the school that we share a building with but a number of different schools around eastern Colorado that include; Hanover High School, Edison High School, Calhan High School and few others. We have approximately five network technicians that are responsible for the installation, maintenance and repair of the servers, WiFi systems, workstations, peripherals that are on our network. We have three different servers, up to 200-300 workstations online at a time as well as a number of VOIP phones, wireless devices and printers.

System Requirements
The system requirements are really the same throughout all schools as we installed and support each of them, making it easier for the technicians to learn the layout and structure of the network and then being able to keep it the same throughout in order for us to be more efficient in what we do. So, in regards to system requirements, I will be going over the general requirements of the systems.
A typical school would include all of the following:
Up to 60 desktop workstations (Includes two computer labs per school)
Pre-installed with the latest version of the Microsoft Office, anti-virus software (SOPHOS) and must have internet access at all times.
A laptop per teacher (Usually around 20-30)
Pre-installed with the latest version of Microsoft Office, anti-virus software, NETOP Classroom Management and VPN access.
Ipads for every student (Number varies per school)
Pre-installed with ibooks, numbers, words and teachers had access to install any education based apps.
Three network printers
A VOIP phone in every classroom (Dependent on the amount of classrooms)

As you can see above, there were quite a few devices that need to be attached to the network. We would create an account for every teacher, student and admins in order to regulate who had access. All desktops were connected via ethernet cable to the schools network, all laptops (which are the primary tools for the staff) was either connected to the network via bridged off of the VOIP phones or by a wireless access point that was strategically placed around the schools for best coverage. Our servers housed the file servers which are the most important part because it would allow students to use any workstation around the school and be able to start on the task that they left off of on, as long as it was correctly saved and requested. With all of the mentioned devices and system there was quite a bit of physical equipment that was needed, which include:
Network Switches (We would install as much as needed to support all of the phones and desktops
PoE switches for the wireless access points
Power backup in each of the server rooms
Wireless system that allows for the best coverage around the schools
Ethernet cable
Wireless system (such as routers)
Our target users are most definitely the staff of the schools as well as the students. If we don’t provide the schools with the proper equipment, services and support then the schools would have to find another technical support company. We have to make sure that all workstations