Network Based Payroll System

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B System Background

A network based payroll system provides accurate accounting of the funds provided or paid to employees for works and services performed. Without this system would have difficulty in accounting for payments for services or worked perform by employees. One benefit of the payroll system is in the tracking of employee productivity in the work environment. This makes it easier to determine who is performing at their fullest and who are failing at the productivity as shown on the human resources records or through similar methods on monitoring productivity.

C Statement of the Problem

In this modern day the Color Well Printing and graphics company is still using the manual system in payroll system and keeping track for their previous records. Still having a manual system can prove useful, but, for a company in which effectiveness and time is a golden factor, a computerized payroll system is very important, for this company to operate more ease and store/speed-up information. This is the problem that the color well company is having right now. Because of manual systems it consumes a lot of time than usual, due to modernization today, effectiveness of a system is also measured by its time and effectiveness while producing a report, the manual system they are using takes for the accountants to computes the weekly salary of the employees, errors in computation of payrolls are most likely to happen and this lessen the effectiveness of company.

D Objectives
D.1 General
To develop a computerized payroll system for color well printing and Graphics company that is more useful, more accurate, more efficient and can easily produce reports of the transactions faster.

D.2 specific
In order to fulfill our objective we will observe the ff:

To conduct an interview about the current payroll system.
Observe hoe the current payroll system performs the operations.
To identify the different problems of manual payroll system.
To help the Color Well Printing and graphics company and their employee to make their work faster and easier.
To identify the problems using the system through data flow diagram
To design a computerized payroll system in VB6.0.

E Significance of the study
Payroll systems are the formal activities that a company completes to compensate owners, managers and employees for their work. These systems typically have several detailed tasks because they include features such as payroll taxes, benefits and personal information. Automated payroll systems are quite common and offer several benefits its enables the employer to process its payroll through a computerized system. A manual payroll system requires that the payroll be processed by hand and is therefore a considerably slower procedure than an automated system.

F Scope and Delimitation
In our payroll system the master file records contains the employee general information.The employee profile contains the area and department they are assigned to. Those area and department can only be added by the admin of the system.this system can function recording of employee details, calculation of rewards penalties, time tracking and printing of the payslip.


The admin is limited only to manage employee , using the payroll processing option, and prints reports. The admin can add user logins, view logs of the users and manage the area and department. Regular employees could not use the system or ask the manager about their salary. They should go to the computer which payroll system is implemented to view their salary and how their salary was computed. As for the payroll system we are only focusing on the payroll side and there are no accounting related features in our system.

G Review of the Related Literature ZPAY Payroll Systems
Back in 1976, Paul Mayer our President, had a friend that worked at Heathkit, who was very persistent that Paul buy one of their new build your own computer kits. The H8 kit was just out and