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NETWORK PROPOSAL FOR RIORDAN MANUFACTURING BY TEAM B Ed Spiker Matthew Pretino Stephen Whitson Nathan Dudenhoeffer CIS/207 February 18, 2013 James Gruelich

As requested by Riordan Manufacturing to look over the network system and make suggestions on updating the network to meet today’s requirements in the business world. Team B will make the following suggestions and explain them to the board in detail. We will also be suggesting in our proposal in purchasing a new antivirus software to help protect the network more efficiently with the precious data we hold in the company’s possession. With the proposal Team B is going to suggest in improving the network we hope to convience you in the purchase of certain hardware and software applications. This proposal is not intended to have you spend money on unnecessary hardware and software but to help keep you competitive in today’s market.

Our first suggestion is that your servers have the latest operating systems installed on them. For example your windows exchange server and your windows network servers we did not notice what operating system is on them. If they are running server 2003 and 2003 exchange then we would suggest that we update them to 2008 server and 2010 exchange. The reason behind this suggestion is that Microsoft retires operating systems after so many years and you cannot get security and critical patches to keep the operating system protected. This would also be suggested for the unix server. Another reason to update the servers would be to have more storage space for storing important documents such as financial, billing, and any other important company files that need to be stored. This will ease the worry of running out of space.

Our next suggestion is to update the switches and router from megabyte to gigabyte for speed purpose. The reason we suggest in upgrading these devices is in today’s enterprise customers want answers responded to quickly and not wait on the results to their questions. If your communication goes down or gets hung up from lag then it is wasting time. If time is being wasted than the company loses money in the process. This is why we propose to update the switches and routers to gigabyte which is faster. In order to achieve the gigabyte speed we would suggest changing the cat5 cables to cat5e cables this is because cat5 can only handle 100Mbps.

With all of the departments involved in the company we suggest a breakdown in the network where only certain personnel can look at their IT system. For example we will start at the bottom where the warehouse personnel and office workers perform their duties. We would implement a TPS which means transaction processing system. This will allow a better process in keeping track of inventory, billing invoices, sales, payroll, personnel, finances, purchasing and accounts. Another system we should implement is the MIS which means the management information system. This system will help middle management with their everyday task such as planning, organizing, and controlling areas in functional operations. Another system we would implement is the DSS which is decision support system. This