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What was particularly memorable to you? What images or statements were meaningful to you? Why were they so memorable? Baby’s brains weigh less than 1-pound emotions ideas memories dreams. People understand the brain itself because of the brain we have. Brain size grain of rice 10,000 nerve cells 1-10,000 connects to other nerves cells = 1 trillion connections. By 4 weeks, the brain cells are already forming! Most cells die off and replaced, neurons are born in fetal life and remain with you into old age. How the cells know where to go is amazing. They are predetermined spots to go...checks all connections and gets ride of the ones it doesn’t need and strengthens the ones it does. Compares elizabeth’s brain to other babies in a standard ICU, how much does the world around us effect the developing brain? For a baby it is urgent to remove cataract..needs critical images to develop brain…..all connects have been formed if your odl…they’re not used they don’t go away..use it or lose it during development..1 or 2 months of missing visual experience can have permenent consequences on how the brain is wired up.
Must cover up normal eye so the bad eye can learn new connections without getting stonger. Within 10 minutes after the contact….the baby is responding…1 hour improvement is a ton…after 1 year childen’s eyes fall back….after 7 months…improving…..brain of the baby is a work in progress, the experience refines the circuit..

What questions does the video raise for you? Find 2 Internet sources that answer this question or provide addition information. What complications can occur if the baby is born too early to the brain? ADHA structure prioritizing hypersensitive easily over stimulated carefully controlled environment will help. Trying to emulate the womb skin to skin contact. Will help with future development. Can we actually see changes in the brain with development? Normal brain maturation. Caught up and surpassed what was to be expected…full term EEG…

How does the information provided in the video tie in with what you have learned from your text? Interaction between nature and nurture can nurture trump what nature intended…restructured brains of newborn ferrets. Eyes to auditory cortex…hearing would become seeing if it grew up….would it come to have the same cirucuts and connects that mark the visual cortex…doesn’t then nature….does then the nurture is important… ferrets could see…brain has been transformed…but not entirely…with poor vision…but still can see..less orderly pin-wheel environment shapes the brain but cant completely change genetic destiny.

How does the video fit the expectations you had before viewing it?

Did the video change your mind about anything?

Did you learn anything you did not know? Ferret 2 days of age can recognize mother’s face….faded photograph through a tube…good for immature brain…more stimulation for an immature brain would be bad. .. needs to wear a contact lens! Weird

The infant brain is an amazing organism. I never really understood the complexity of the developing brain and how extremely fragile it is in the first few days, weeks, and months of an infant’s life. It is so critical in a developing brain that nothing is disturbed. This is even more true when it comes to babies that are born prematurely. A baby’s brain weighs less than one pound at birth. And that one pound brain holds all of our desires, hopes, dreams, memories and ideas. I found this very astonishing. I never really realized that most of the brain development happens so early in life. It also did scare me a bit when realizing how incredible the human body is and also how fragile it can be at the same time. I do not have any children of my own yet, but just by watching this video I know that my brain has already attained much of this information and has almost changed my mind in the way that I will view my developing children. I will be extremely cautious not to do