Never forgotton Essay

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October 6, 2013
Never Forgotton
When thinking about landmark events in my own lifetime, the most searing memory is recalling the events of September 11, 2001. This event shocked everyone in the nation from all age groups and ethnicities. As a member of generation Y, no other event in my lifetime has had more historical significance and the weight of its damage still resonates in our nation today. Tuesday September 11 started out like any other day. In my own life many changes were occurring. I was a seven year old who had recently moved to Mississippi from Texas and was still adjusting to the nuances of life in a smaller state. Class in Mrs. Elkins’ room started with a reading and I was selected to read the more difficult material because of my advanced reading level at the time. At the age of seven, this was a very auspicious selection and boosted my ego beyond belief. It is safe to say that I was having a very good day. However, not even a month into the new school year and only minutes into class a secretary from the office whom I recognized but did not know by name came rushing into class and looked very distraught. She proceeded to kneel beside Mrs. Elkins at the reading table and whisper something into her ear. Mrs. Elkins facial expression immediately went from that of a happy second grade teacher to that of someone who just received the most terrible news imaginable. Everyone in the class was confused and wanted to know more about what happened but our teacher divulged very little information as to the information she had just received. The only thing she told us in definite terms was that all of the students’ parents were on the way to check us out of school. As normal students not knowing the extent of that mornings’ events, we were elated at the prospect of leaving school at 9 AM. Shortly after hearing the wonderful news that I would soon get to go home for the day, my mom was there to pick me up. As happy as I was, the overwhelming sense of confusion was starting to bother me and I began interrogating mother. She said that there was a terrible accident in New York City and everyone was scared it…