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I experienced failure during my seventh and eighth grade of middle school. During those two years, i tried out for the basketball team, unfortunately, I got cut from the team. It was very intimidating and made me feel gloomy. I had high hopes and expectations that I would make the team. Even my friends and family kept telling me that I would make the team. Sadly, the outcome was not to my expectation. This was my first time facing failure. It affected me deeply, one point in time, I thought about quitting basketball. But, I wanted to know why I was cut from the team, so I asked the coach. He said that I did not hustle enough and had to improve my ball handling. So after that summer, I practiced for five hours each day. When tryouts came around, the coach was very impressed by my skills and attitude towards the game. He told me that I improved greatly and I was going to make the team. I was very happy that I made the team in ninth grade. It was my dream to make the basketball team.
Another time i experienced failure was during my sophomore year of basketball season. We started our season with two wins and zero losses. But after that, we hit a wall. We could not win consistently. We ended the season with seven wins and thirteen losses. We did not make the playoffs. We all did not reach our goal, hence experiencing failure. After that season, the returning players and I agreed to make the playoffs no matter what. During my junior year of basketball, we started off strong and then hit a rough patch again. We