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Never Have I Ever
I have not done one thing on my own in the last year that has nothing to do with academic work. Everything everywhere has to do with something you have learned in school, at home, or in these streets. When you go to the grocery store you use math, when you drive you use math and physics because you have to worry about your velocity and you use math when you’re trying to calculate how far over the speed limit you can go without getting in trouble, when you work you use vocabulary which you learn in English class all throughout your life, when you go to a party you use knowledge you’ve learned from pre-k on up.
Academic means of or relating to education, and education is receiving knowledge, and knowledge is why we can speak, jump, talk, get in trouble, lie, wake up, and everything else our complex mind/body can do, therefore academic is to receive knowledge. The only time in the past year when I came close to not using my academic work/knowledge was when I was being stupid and got in trouble and got sent to alternative this (this is where you chuckle a little bit).If you can name one thing you have ever done in your life that has nothing to do with academic knowledge I will be truly surprised. When I was fourteen and I would always have trouble sleeping not because I was uncomfortable, and not because I was scared it was because I would try to count the seconds till I fell asleep one I had closed my eyes. You might think that it’s like counting sheep right… well that is where you are wrong when you go to sleep your mind is supposed to be clear but how can your mind be clear if you are trying to count and keep track of how long you have been counting. I would try to tell my mind to stop counting but in the back of my