Neville Alzheimer's Management Style

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The Discussion I shared, I will say we all agreed on her management style and her ways with the matriarch. She made cuts, however, it was to save Xerox and the rest of the company. She may have cut a few jobs, hence she managed to save a majority of the jobs.
Management Style
That style of management is tough and we all agree is the best way to deal with any type of business. Besides as CEO, I'm sure it goes to demonstrate tough choices were made. There are several different forms of management styling though, like Coke-Colas CEO, Neville Isdell, who was brought back to the company to fix the low sales and morale. However, managers reach out on a personal, emotional level with the public and the people and Neville succeeds at that. He is
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Bold Choices Neville donated millions from the company to parks in Atlanta. That brings a ton of publicity to Coke from the public, something most companies need. Nevertheless, we all agreed if a company isn't adored or cared about by the public, why would people want to work there? Why would people want to buy from them? In our discussion as a team, we focused on why these CEO's did what they did. The idea that was brought up is they cared about the company. Neville cared enough to come back after all these years as well as Anne cared enough to cut her own projects and even cut jobs to protect the company. These are large decisions both of these people made that impacted their personal feelings with the company. That type of management style we all agree without a doubt is something any company can benefit from. Strong, bold choices for people who care about the company, who do not want it to fail, or lose their business. CEO's who are bound to donate and receive from their own personal feelings and put them in the company highly reflects on the success of the company. Subsequently, Anne cut her own line of Deskjet printers, and Neville had left retirement to come back