New Academic Policy's Impact on High School Juniors Essay

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About 1900 of high school juniors may not graduate in 2014 in three semester. Because they need to take more courses this year, it’s the new academic policy. The school says they will make sure help student to graduate on time, for example school will offer more class to let student learn more, and the school will not take extra fee for doing that. Also some online course will be offered during summer or winter break, and the city wants to make a vote to see if they get some money from city reserves. there will be some positive feedback and negative either.
In this news I think its more about city government , in this news government wants to help school get more classes and help student to graduate on time. In personal, I don’t think is fair for those juniors are graduating 2014, because this policy just came out from middle of high school class, why those students need to take those extra that other students don’t need to. “Some of this year's juniors, for example, are missing the newly required two years of foreign language. Others, the two years of laboratory sciences, or the three years of math and history, the year of visual or performing art or the full four years of English.” I don’t agree student take too many classes, when they are young. Because not everyone in high school wants to go to college, school should have another set of system for students who don’t want to go to college. “But budget cuts have stripped the schools of many credit recovery options, making it harder for students to complete a needed chemistry class or retake Algebra II.” This is true for me, since the buget cut, many classes will not offer in every year, so it will delay the time for graduating. And the school fee is keep growing, even student are paying big money going to college, but some…