New Australians: Bonegilla Reception and Training Centre Essay

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New Australians (Bonegilla Reception and Training Centre)

1. What was the assisted migration scheme?
Assisted Migration scheme was when the British could come to Australia for 10 pounds or for free.

2. Which migrants did the Australian government consider most desirable?
The Australian governments preferred white people because they wanted to continue with their white Australian policy. The Australians preferred White people but they desired the beautiful ladies of the Balts.

3. What was the purpose of Bonegilla and other reception and training centers?
Bonegilla was a reception and training center. It housed migrants, provided them with food, gave them their own little houses and in return all the migrants had to do was enroll themselves into a language class (if the person did not know how to speak proper English) and attend lessons on Australian Culture.

4. Create a leaflet (1paragraph) on Bonegilla that could be given to migrants travelling to Australia.
Welcome to Bonegilla, home of new migrants. Here at Bonegilla, we provide extraordinary care to each of our new Australian Migrants. They are treated with respect, provided with food and they learn the skills of becoming a ‘real Aussie’. We provide Bonegilla as a reception center for people who do not yet have a place to live. The people at Bonegilla are offered basic living needs and a guaranteed job before they depart from our reception and training center.

5. Referring to visual and written elements, what does source 1 suggest about:
-Australia as a nation
-The journey from England to Australia
Source one boasts the quality of life that Australians may have, it is a fancy ship that gives the impression of royalty or luxuriousness. It is a poster created in 1948, it illustrates the journey of the future Australian migrants to Australia as calm and enjoyable. The Orcades travel poster is an advertisement that encourages people to migrate to Australia. The poster depicts the fact that Australians are very relaxed and have a laid-back lifestyle and are reasonably wealthy. It also shows that as a nation, Australia is very friendly and welcoming, the poster also shows that they have a