New Brunswick and Magnetic Hill Essay

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New Brunswick is one of the four Maritime Provinces in Canada. Some of its primary industries are agriculture, forestry and fishing. Although these industries gain much of the provinces income another thing that brings in almost as much money is tourism. Approximately $1.1 billion dollars is earned annually from tourists on hotels, restaurants, shopping, travel, events and activities. As well as all the income it brings in, it also provide residents with jobs. Over 25,000 full-time jobs are due to all of the tourists that come. (New Brunswick Tourism Indicators Summary Report 2013) Tourism in New Brunswick is very large with all sorts of different things to see and do there. There is the famous Bay of Fundy, beautiful beaches, amusement parks, the Imperial Theatre and many other activities. The Bay of Fundy is probably the best attraction with so many things to see and do there but Magnetic Hill is also very exciting as well as all of the others.
One of the attractions that you must see when going to New Brunswick is the world’s largest covered bridge. It connects both sides of the St. John River from Hartland to Somerville and is 1,282 feet long. The bridge was first opened in 1901 but was not covered until 1922. There is only one lane so there may be a bit of a wait before you can cross but it is worth going to see. In 1945 a sidewalk was added so you can walk along it across the river and in 1980 the bridge became a national historic site.
Magnetic Hill is one of the most visited tourist attractions. Stories about this place have been around for decades and it completely baffles everyone who goes there. This completely natural hill seems to be magnetic as your call will roll upwards on it. It defies the law of gravity but even tour buses have rolled up this hill. This crazy place draws in many people and you…